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Have you every wondered what ICF is ? Or if that really is a styrofoam house?  For an indroduction on building with blocks, check out the latest post at

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Sometimes there is a debate among buyers as to which is the best type of house to purchase. There are very few rights and wrongs, it is more about what works best of is preferred most by the buyers.  Check out more info in this article at   

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This is an interesting topic for anyone considering buying a Home.  Why would you use a Realtor ?  Worth giving this a read at  Thank you

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Thank you for taking a look at this blog page.  Rather than updating numerous blogs pages, I have decided to post all my blogs on my main blog, which is called  'All About Homes and Life'. It includes topics surrounding purchasing a house, taking time awy from your house as in camping or RVing, and other thoughts on life in general. It will continue to expand over time.  


The blog can be found at  


I look forward to your visits and comments.



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